Another Know It All

Ahhh…. I’ve done it again.

It appears that social networking has finally snagged me and half of the rest of the world with its undeniable cult following. I’ve always enjoyed networking with other professionals that share the same goals as myself and some of the tools made available today are perfect for doing so quickly and efficiently. It’s amazing that at one point, a hand-written letter would take months to reach the other end of the world while now I can post this and make it available to the almost seven billion people on this planet instantly! These little things have completely transformed the way we interact with others in our personal and professional life’s right under our noses; it happened so quickly!

Think about it. Cell phones were testing the AMPS network in 1971, Apple launched the first personal computer in 1977 and the first official “website” dates back to 1996. All of the major technological advancements have been made in the past 30-40 years! I’m to young to imagine what it had to be like on the verge of such transition. I can’t imagine sitting at the table with Bill Gates when they introduced DOS to IBM or when Steve Jobs launched the Apple II. I can’t imagine what it had to be like for businesses as they transitioned into a much easier to reach world market. Yes, I was born in just the nick of time to catch the end of the major advancements (to date) and have thoroughly enjoyed, and continue to enjoy the gadgets made available today.

The real point to all this is that businesses can be created and managed from the common living room, corporations can exist entirely online and you can watch sports on 100 different cable or satellite television channels. There is ample opportunity out there for anyone to reach out and take a piece of the pie, and that is exactly my goal. As I slowly build my ‘online networking portfolio’ I hope to add something to the marketing community and I hope to learn from the educated experts. It doesn’t take a BA to get a great job or land a promotion, it takes marketing.

This is my shot and bettering myself and my future. This is my shot at grasping new concepts and making myself a key part of them.


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