Good Times with VSEO

VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is a  new term that has recently gain ground in the marketing community. Marketers are struggling now more than ever to get their piece of the search engine pie. With the search competition growing, and more advertising dollars being directed towards it, marketers will have to pull out all the stops to boost their site traffic via search engines. I’ve always tried to have fun with anything that I do, including the efforts I put into marketing both for myself and the company I work for. So when VSEO came about – I jumped right on it! Sites like YouTube have made VSEO efforts easier than ever; just put together the content, upload it, add a detailed description, related tags and you’re done.
I’ve just finished the first video in a series I will soon call “the inside story”; the goal is to provide the company I work for with a video presence on the internet and improve our SEM without increasing the budget. By adding tags using the YouTube interface that related to the company, its products and services and the content currently found on our corporate website, it increases our online exposure exponentially. I put this together in about six hours with one camera, some good lighting and a $50 editing program that took me a few days to learn. Take a look and then lets review.
I encourage marketers who haven’t yet dug into VSEO to do so some research first, buy the software and equipment, and experiment. (Make sure the camera you buy has a microphone port). Have some fun with this! It’s a great chance to reach out to your target demographic. After all, video targets both consumer audio and visual senses – use them both to get the message across!
I enjoy putting together these videos tremendously, it is a chance for me to get creative with exciting new tools. I’ve put together the video, posted it with a related description and good tags – so what’s the next step? The next step would normally be to post the video on the company website and increase its exposure but that venue is not yet available. Again, YouTube makes this process easy by providing code that can be embedded directly into your website. Our February eNewsletter is scheduled to be distributed next week and I will be using that as a tool to direct traffic to the company YouTube site and potentially increase our ‘popularity’ with the search engines by building our site referral portfolio.
I must warn you though, as with everything else – people have taken VSEO way to far in some cases. Just browse videos from marketers on YouTube, you will see how drawn out some efforts can be that dramatically lack creativity. While some of these terrible examples have actually been ranked very high with Google search, I still can’t imagine the videos reflecting a positive image on the company. Use this new opportunity by taking your time to come up with creative ways to deliver a message that may benefit your cause.

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