Twitter: Delete Your Followers!

Do you remember the days when it was a daily occurrence to get spammed on MySpace? I was frequented by at least two sex bots, four bands and an empty profile almost every day. These are issues that made Facebook what it is today. Facebook has stronger filtering systems and a more difficult registering process that help to remove computer programs that create random profiles for God knows what purposes. As both of these sites matured, a new service arrived that is most commonly known as Twitter.

Big Three

Big Three






Twitter emerged from an age where Facebook was eating the MySpace footprint but it still seemed as if the percentage of people who logged on and stayed on continued to drop. What do people visit these pages for anyways? A recent study indicated that a whopping 81% of people that have a profile on MySpace or Facebook primarily log on to check for new messages,  update their status and browse recent bulletins (or wall posts if you are a Facebook user). Twitter targeted the most common reasons for visiting these sites – updating your status. It seems, though, that spam bots are at it again and targeting people by simply ‘following’ them. So, what sort of harm could this do to you? After all, it only adds to the number of followers you have, right?

As social networking grows to be one of the first source employers are turning to for information on potential hires, business to consumer connection and personal branding, it is incredibly important to maintain your ‘Big Three’ on a daily basis. When I say maintain, I don’t mean to just check for new messages or tweets, I mean to actually maintain your profile. Now more then ever, it is imperative to ensure you are not what I like to call a ‘follower whore’. Younger generations love to build their number of followers and do whatever it takes to have more ‘friends’ than the next person, regardless if it is a real person with valuable input or not.

I suggest that with every new follower; take the time to do the following:

1 – Review their profile.

2 – Read recent tweets and consider there value to you.

3 – Look for how often they tweet.

4 – Check the number of followers vs. following.

5 – Decide to follow them or not.

6 – If necessary, delete.

Let’s break that down. If you cannot take the time to review someone’s profile who took the time to follow you, you are not considering what others could bring to the table that may improve whatever it is that you are doing. Take a look at their recent tweets and if they post things that are interesting, compelling or even funny – follow them! By looking at their tweets you can also tell if they are spamming advertisements, are a real human or not and even see how often they tweet. You do NOT want to follow someone who tweets every two minutes! This will only make it more difficult to filter your tweets whenever it is you login and if you have every tweet texted to your mobile device, I sure hope you have unlimited texting! After that, quickly take a peak at how many followers they have versus how many people they are following. If they are following 10,000,000 people and have only 9 followers…. there’s a problem – they obviously don’t have anything valuable to offer anyone.

Following vs. Followers

Following vs. Followers

At this point, you should be able to properly determine if you should or shouldn’t follow them.

“So, why would I delete someone?”

If someone (or something) is following you and you don’t see a relationship there or you aren’t Ashton Kutcher, delete them. I know that it may seem really neat to have a large number of followers displayed on your Twitter homepage but what isn’t cool is when someone of importance (future employer, business partner, investor or client) decides to browse your followers to see what type of people felt your updates were of value and sees nothing but spam/porn bots. There are three points here. First, don’t accumulate followers who do nothing but follow and second, don’t be the follower that gets deleted. Offer value in your tweets, have fun with them and add personality. If used properly, Twitter can be a great place to meet new people, learn new things and promote you and/or your business. Finally, maintain what I call your online portfolio. Log into these websites daily and update your content, create something fresh for other people to enjoy. After all, networking requires more than just yourself – that’s why it’s called Social Networking.

If all else fails and you love bots, do yourself a favor and mark your profile and tweets as private.


7 thoughts on “Twitter: Delete Your Followers!

  1. Good article. Thanks for shedding more light on the Twitter site. I actually do investigate followers before following them. If they have no profile, don’t allow direct messages and their picture looks suggestive, Tweets are worthless- I do not follow.

  2. Betty – You are one of the few! It is very important to filter followers and by doing so, you could meet someone who can offer you something interesting. Doing the simple steps I listed will really give you an opportunity to get to know your followers and potentially share valuable information with one another. Feel free to find me on Twitter – @joshuahays

    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the insight. I am new to the social marketing scene so I need all the help I can get, especially on Twitter. I look at profiles, but I am at a loss of how to find people that are more local and I could create relationships with (what with being a realtor and all…we kind of Look for relationships). Maybe some advise on finding the locals and how to start interacting with them would help…then I would not feel like I am simply talking to myself, or better yet shouting at the wind!

  4. Debbi – You’re welcome! There are several things you can do to find people to follow, but you have to promise to contribute things other than realty ads! 😉 I would start by typing related topics in the search box located in the right column of your Twitter homepage. Pretend you are someone on Google searching for your services, what would you type? Type this into the box and see who’s Tweets come up. Start with “Volusia County House” or “Buy A House Daytona”…. these will bring up related tweets. Of course, you can generalize it without a location at first to build your network. It is important to maintain these relationships though so don’t build a huge network first, start slowly! My other blog post could also be of some help to you… Feel free to contact me via email if you would like to schedule any type of consultation or follow me on Twitter – @joshuahays

  5. Hi Joshua,

    I really appreciated your insight on managing twitter followers. I personally have already had to get rid of a few spammers. Still so much to be discovered about social networking best practices. Thanks for sharing what you’ve discovered.


  6. Great article Josh. I never really thought to think of getting rid of the followers. But what you say about a potential (heck, or even current) employer looking you up and seeing who you are networking with makes perfect sense. Keep up the good work on your blogs man!

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