iPad and Salespeople – A Match Made in Heaven

Presentation via iPad

Presentation via iPad

It seems Apple may not be targeting a very large demographic in their iPad marketing campaign.

Salespeople often have limited access to the variety of tools online that are designed to help make their jobs easier by staying organized. Imagine for one second that you spend 8 months of the year on the road as a salesperson crammed into your car. Then, imagine the appointments you’ll have and the hundreds of people you’ll meet, the leads you’ll work and the deals you’re closing. Now, imagine trying to keep all of that organized with just a tiny smart phone, legal pad and some file folders. The solution is Apple’s iPad. 

As Marketing Director for a nationwide organization, I work daily to supply our growing sales team with the tools they need to succeed and advise them on the latest and greatest technology. A few years ago, it was iPhone’s and Blackberry’s and before that, paper and a pen. I’ve recently adapted the iPad to our sales process as ‘the one device every salesperson must have’.

Jim Vaughn, the National Sales Manager, was a bit hesitant when I first spoke with him about the iPad. Like most seasoned salespeople who have been selling all their lives, technology is sometimes difficult to embrace. Jim was pleased to hear the dynamic email capability the iPad would offer and impressed with the 10-hour battery life. “It was when Josh showed me that I would be able to showcase the product gallery on our website from the iPad and have full access to our CRM tool that I knew I wanted it.” I closed the sale when I told him the price.

iPad - Touch Gallery

iPad - Touch Gallery

Like Jim, traveling sales teams will find the iPad to be a universal solution. Log leads on the fly at tradeshows, manage new and existing contacts, and access their web-based CRM tools via Safari (or app). Take note: the iPad is going to open the door to a huge application market geared for sales.

“I can’t wait to showcase our product gallery online without having to tug in a heavy bag full of samples. Before, I was always worried if the person would have a decent internet connection or not or if there was even a computer in the office I was presenting in.” I showed Jim (via my iPhone) that the gallery would be fully functional on the iPad and that the larger screen would make for an excellent presentation.

We’re currently planning a series of tools that will enhance our sales team’s ability to present a consistent product message including video and interactive brochures. I can only imagine how many possibilities this will present and how quickly marketing and sales will be able to compliment one another with such a tool. I plan on endorsing the iPad to our national sales force immediately. If it will improve their productivity and make their jobs easier, this is the one tool we have needed in our toolbox for years.


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