Domain Woes? Startups: Look No Further.

It isn’t often that I am so inspired by a product that I would want to break from my typical instructional blog posts and write a review. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a review to this blog but I believe in this service so much that I feel compelled to write about it in an effort to help others like myself overcome a struggle I’ve often faced myself. If you’re a startup in the web industry, you know as well as I do that finding a domain that suits you best is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Worse, you find one but it’s what sites like Sedo or GoDaddy call a “Premium Domain”, which means you better have premium money if you want it that bad. This process is a headache that every web startup must face and most of the time will face several times as they pivot. Enter Stylate.

I uncovered Stylate from a user I follow on Twitter and was quite pleased with what I found. Stylate describes themselves as “Reasonably Priced Brandable Domains for Startups”. Upon first visiting the site I was barraged with visually exciting logos and tasty company names, in fact it almost fooled me for a page of companies that already existed that endorse the service.


Stylate described themselves perfectly because every domain includes a logo which makes it that much easier for the startup to quickly brand themselves or at least gives them a place to start. This is a huge plus with those small teams who don’t yet have the experience necessary to really help them kick off a well branded campaign and remember, people enjoy following BRANDS… it’s why I can buy a bathing suit with the Budwiser logo on it.

Every domain + logo is $250. Let me say that again… you get to pick from a fantastic selection of domain names and with that receive a pretty neat logo that is instantly brandable… for $250. Most of the domains are catchy, easy to spell, and very difficult to come by if you aren’t buying it from Stylate. In fact, I’m not confident I would be able to come up with something like “WhamBox” and find it for less than $1,500.

Stylate is exactly the right startup for the web. They’ve built something most web entrepreneurs need and are delivering it gift wrapped with a nice logo for just $250. The site is simple, which is a plus, and very straightforward. When you’ve selected a domain + logo, you pay through PayPal. From what I can tell, they’ve recently launched. The only issue I see with their growth is being able to keep acquiring domains like this seeing as how they are just not that readily available anymore. However, if they can find a way to pull it off… this will be the place I start when I’m ready to name my next startup.


4 thoughts on “Domain Woes? Startups: Look No Further.

  1. This is a great tool! Thanks Joshua. It’s like they’re taking a chunk of the workload that a typical startup would have, and just fast-tracking you so you can get down to business. I do have the same question regarding how they’ll be able to keep the cost low while acquiring an ever-diminishing supply of domains.

  2. @Alex – I think their best bet would be to offer a platform for people to sell their domains. I know several people who have fantastic domains that are perfectly brandable but they don’t yet have an incentive to get rid of them. When we were building Bidzuku it took us a good three months to come up with the name and we aren’t yet completely sold on it… that was over a year ago. 😛

  3. @Nava – Normally I wouldn’t approve a comment like this because I am sure it might just be self promotion but I will say that it might help my readers to field options.

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