Giving Back – How Can I Help?

The past few years the tech startup community has given me so much, and I’ve gratefully taken from it. It’s difficult to fathom a way to put back in what it has given but I feel a burning desire to try. While on my quest to find where I’ll plug in next as head marketing dude, I’ve met a lot of super interesting startups and founders, all with their individual challenges. As a startup founder myself I’ve experienced the overwhelming obstacles that I needed help to overcome and for things I couldn’t at all begin to understand. It’s tough to ask people to lend their time, I know that.

In my attempt to try and help give something back, I’d like to offer startups any sort of assistance or feedback they may need in regards to the marketing, sales, or business aspects of their projects. So here’s the deal:

Email me your questions, ideas, and/or challenges. If you have questions about branding, keywords, messaging, social engagement, advertising on or offline, budgeting, anything… And I am able to answer them, I will. If you’ve got a banner ad you want me to review and provide feedback for, send it to me – shit I may even redesign it with my suggestions. I’m straight forward and don’t BS so I’ll be quick and to the point – which is what I know you need the most.

What can I help you with? Send me a note to hello (at) or drop me a line on Twitter – @joshuahays

PS – Here’s looking at you 2012 Boulder TechStars graduates – good luck at Demo Day!


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