10 Lessons I Learned While Visiting NYC

While visiting NYC a few weeks ago I discovered a new found respect for properly geared tourists. You know, the ones that look funny and stand out from the rest with their brightly colored shoes, water bottles, and big back packs? Yea, I decided to play it cool while visiting and try not to stand out and in doing so, learned quite a few new things – enjoy!

  1. Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  2. In a heat wave, wear shorts and a shirt that breaths. (no brainer, right?)
  3. GPS is key; use any mobile device.
  4. Food isn’t that expensive, as long as you stick to basics.
  5. Top to bottom, left to right, roads are numbered very well.
  6. Traffic is ONE WAY.
  7. Wear comfortable walking shoes, again – for good measure.
  8. Crossing the road is like playing chicken with cars – they’ll yield but you’ve got to have the balls to walk in front of them.*
  9. If you’re afraid to cross the road because you don’t want to be run over, you’ll promptly be just as equally crushed by people that DO want to cross – take your pick!
  10. People aren’t rude, they just move really fast – deal with it.

*Do so at your own risk. I was nearly plowed down by a FedEx truck.

If you keep it simple, follow steps like these, and move quickly – you’ll have a good time. Unfortunately, I decided I was above all of this and suffered several blisters on my feet and nearly passed out from heat stroke (tip: coffee shops are like an oasis in the heat).

PS – I had a great time though!


3 thoughts on “10 Lessons I Learned While Visiting NYC

  1. that cracked me up! you do get used to it pretty fast though – and then like me, you may think it’s the best place in the US!
    ps: why are you a closet trekkie? (the why refers to the ‘closet’ part)

  2. I love Star Trek, I know a lot about it, but you couldn’t tell at first glance or even in conversation. Unless of course, the topic were brought up. 😛

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