Inbound Marketing, Connect the Dots

It’s no secret that today your marketing department needs to be more than capable in handling multiple initiatives, one of the many being lead generation. With the latest trend in inbound marketing, it’s difficult not to get lost in all the hype.

There are several steps to successful inbound marketing, and each one is as important as the next. You might hear that it’s just about creating content, socializing with your customers, and networking with your peers in an effort to yield more leads. While this is the popular approach, I feel quite a bit of the processes are being lost in the translation.

Today marketers are expected to ensure that ROI is more than just a click-through or pageview. Marketers must deliver high quality content, pushing visitors through the funnel yielding better leads for your sales team. To do that, you need to make sure that you’re connecting all of the dots. Be sure that along with the quality content you and your team are putting out, the funnel you’ve outlined, and the point of conversion are all clearly tied in with your marketing automation system. Whatever tool you’re using, be it HubSpot or Pardot, take a detailed approach to outlining exactly when and where the contact should become a lead.

Take into consideration the processes that need to be put in place to ensure that a user who is “just browsing” will convert to a sales quality lead. Ensure that communication is well branded, properly timed, and personalized. This includes the automated emails that you’re sending out on behalf of the sales team. The most common mistakes I see at this point in the process is over-branding and unnecessary information at the wrong time.

So while everyone is buzzing about the latest inbound trend, be sure to stay laser focused on the tasks at hand and don’t forget that guiding the customer through the entire process is key to generating a sale. While your strategy is likely to create valuable and engaging content, share interesting news, and encourage conversation – don’t forget that it takes more than just blogging.

Lastly, everything is A/B testable. Make mistakes, adjust accordingly, and move on. That’s what it’s all about! Have fun and good luck. As always, you can reach me on Twitter @joshuahays or by emailing me at


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