10 Things I Learned About Boulder

I had the opportunity to take some time to visit Boulder, CO a few weeks ago and to keep theme with my “10 Lessons I Learned While Visiting NYC” post, I’ve put together a new list for your reading enjoyment.

  1. Get a bicycle. No seriously, everyone has one. I can’t find another city that bikes as much, or as enthusiastically, as the people of Boulder do. If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry, there are bike rental stations every other block!
  2. Route 36 into Boulder at 8:00am or out of Boulder at 5:00pm is terrible*. Seriously, one of the most congested messes I’ve ever seen and I live in the Orlando, FL area – Interstate 4 is one of the most congested and dangerous roads in the country.
  3. The people are kind, thoughtful, polite, and very well rounded. I’ve never met so many nice people in one area!
  4. Technology rules. I couldn’t help but notice the enthusiasm for new technology and an immense energy for startups and entrepreneurs. Everyone has a laptop open and new ideas are everywhere, not to mention the money to fund them (ie. Techstars, Foundry).
  5. Coffee or tea, take your pick. I met with a number of amazing people and with every meeting I was introduced to a new coffeeshop. The two that stick out, and seem to be favorites of the community, are Ozo and Atlas Purveyors.
  6. The city is heath and environment conscience without being pretentious – I love this.
  7. You’ll pay to park downtown almost always, but the good news is that it’s dirt cheap. I recommend the underground garage on Walnut – right up the street from the Pearl Street Mall.
  8. Best store on Pearl Street? In my opinion, Peppercorn. A lot of everything and more of it. Right around the corner and equally as awesome is Into The Wind, a store full of awesome.
  9. Go outside. There’s so much to do – rock climbing, hiking, biking, camping, take your pick!
  10. If you visit, stay on or near Arapahoe Ave just past Foothills Parkway. It’s super convenient to downtown and if you must take Route 36 to go anywhere I recommend getting there from Foothills Parkway, traffic usually flows quickly. Usually.
  11. BONUS: Weather. Is. Awesome.

*The good news is there is perfectly accessible and reasonable public transportation.

I sincerely enjoyed Boulder, I couldn’t imagine a better place to be. If you’re a young entrepreneur who’s hungry for tech – pack your bags and get there now. If that’s you, also be sure to check out Brad McCarty’s write-up from last year here.


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