Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 10/8/12 – 10/12/12

I’ve compiled a list of content that I read this week you might also be interested in. If you haven’t seen some of this yet, I highly recommend diving into it this weekend. Enjoy!

Marketing to the Mindset: How to Match Social Content to User Intent – This helps put things into perspective for marketers who may not yet know which social platform is best for their campaigns.

Marketers: Man Up & Negotiate Already – I posted this on Monday, great read for marketers who haven’t yet recovered their confidence from the economic crash. Also a great read for business owners looking to hire marketers.

7 Reasons Your Brand Will Never Be as Awesome as Apple – This is a great post by HubSpot that might make you cringe as you’re forced to take a hard look at your product and branding strategy. Good for both marketers and product guru’s.

Optimum Facebook Posting Times – I love this, absolutely fantastic study showing marketers exactly how and when users engage with brands. Highly recommended.

B2B Lead Generation is All About Content Creation in 2013 – Wednesday’s post. I felt compelled to help guide both myself and other marketers who may be struggling with how to make a content strategy that generates leads.

Google Lucky Number 7: Differences In New Google SERP Across Retail, Finance & Technology – This is more SEO focused, an area that I’m sure we all struggle with, that highlights the important changes to Google’s search algorithm that were just rolled out. Important to note that SERP’s are limited to 7 now instead of 10 and what that means for brands competing for keywords.

Have fun and good luck. Have a question? Disagree? Want to exchange pleasentries? Leave a comment below. As always, you can reach me on Twitter @joshuahays or by emailing me at


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