Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 10/15/12 – 10/19/12

Here are quite a few goodies I read this week I think you may also enjoy. The list looks long but most are very brief and compelling articles. Take a minute this weekend and indulge yourself, you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!

Fake It Until You Make It – Just the title of this one got me excited. This is a great story from one of Skype’s first team members and how overwhelming the experience was from day one, how she thought “I’m not good enough” and ended up working harder and smarter than she would have if she worked in a more comfortable position. Great story!

5 Easy SEO Tactics Every Online Marketer Should Know – I wrote this earlier this week as I was working through old content in an effort to ensure it was optimized appropriately. Be sure to check it out.

Voice: The Connected Protagonist – Interesting take on the content-hungry consumer. I enjoyed how the author described the connected protagonist as someone who brands must tailor their strategy to – that they can and will become strong brand advocates if they’re given a suite of reasons to be.

Maxipad Brand Goes for Blood in Brilliant Reply to Facebook Rant – Take 30-seconds and dive into this. Here is a picture-perfect example of taking a risk, having a bit of fun, and properly handling a potential social-inspired wildfire.

Pinfluencer Brings Pinterest Contests to Brands’ Sites, Facebook Pages – I knew someone was eventually going to do something with Pinterest, looks like this company got it right. Check out how Pinfluencer is helping brands make pinning profitable.

Leveraging The Brand-Building Powers Of SEO – This was a great take on leveraging SEO and content to build a stronger brand with the right message. There are a few simple ideas here that make for good places to start.

5 Essentials for Your Content Marketing Strategy – “Stop informing and start storytelling”. There’s a lot of great thinking points jammed into this jewel. To summarize, to succeed with content marketing you need to be a thought-leader, to succeed at being a thought-leader you need to be a storyteller.

Paid Search Advertising Gets More Complicated In 2013 – I don’t know about you but I always seem to struggle with paid search, especially B2B. Apparently, it’s getting more complicated – great news, right? This piece openly discusses the need for marketers to more aggressively structure their campaigns to suit the different devices and times people are consuming content online.

Have a question? Disagree? Want to exchange pleasentries? Leave a comment below. As always, you can reach me on Twitter @joshuahays or by emailing me at


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