Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 10/29/12 – 11/2/12

This was a difficult week for so many people. I wish the friends and families of everyone suffering through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the best and sincerely hope that the recovery is swift.

I managed to find several great reads this week despite being away on business most of the time. I spent the week digesting content on startups, content marketing, PPC, and technology. Here are some pieces I thought especially stood out you may also enjoy.

  • Why Incentives Are A Necessary Marketing Evil – I’ve always been a fan of incentive-based advertising in marketing and new data is showing that it’s proving to be more and more effective as consumers get access to new ways to tune-out advertising. I’m especially interested in how brands are incorporating it into video advertising; I seem to only actually engage with video ad pre-rolls when there is something especially compelling – and that in itself is rare. While this piece is light on data to support its claims, there are some interesting theories presented.

  • Blogging Drives Leads, Website Traffic – In October HubSpot published a fantastic report titled “Marketing Benchmarks From 7,000 Businesses” with plenty of juicy data. This is a short review of that data from MarketingProfs and it’s interesting to see that as content creation in B2B is becoming the number one source for lead generation, B2C companies are now seeing a larger increase in website traffic and leads. Not too long ago it was just the opposite!
  • Content Marketing: 7 Tips to Become the Signal Instead of the Noise – While this blog is typically concentrated on the automotive dealership market, this particular piece applies to any business or marketer jumping into a content marketing strategy. I recently presented an entire content restructuring strategy to my employer and it was data like this that I utilized to support my proposal.
  • PPC and Retargeting: Cross-Channel Marketing That Gets Results – I’m pitching a strong retargeting campaign to my employer that will run in conjunction with our new content marketing strategy so I couldn’t have asked for better timing on this article. The piece hits all the right spots when it comes to understanding the real value of retargeting, PPC, and content marketing. For B2B companies with long purchase cycles, retargeting can be incredibly effective is executed correctly.
  • The 5 Metrics That Really Matter – Love this article! If you’re not digging into your site analytics you’re not getting the big picture. Chances are even if you are, you aren’t digging deep enough. Look at the terms your site visitors are searching for and then look at the difference between branded and non-branded searches. After that, look at which searches bring the most visitors to your contact/conversion page. This piece made me want to jump back into analytics for the rest of the day!

Have a question? Disagree? Want to exchange pleasentries? Leave a comment below. As always, you can reach me on Twitter @joshuahays or by emailing me at


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