Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 11/5/12 – 11/9/12

Who else is thankful to be free of political ads finally? Now that we can stop spending the majority of our time sifting through that crap it shouldn’t be hard to pick up on the best reads fast. Here are a few I dug up this week I thought you might also enjoy.

Do Native Ads Work? – This is an important piece for publishers and advertisers both. While I agree with some of the findings MediaBrix brought to light from the survey they commissioned, I believe it may partially be because people have yet to find something they enjoy engaging with when it comes to native ads. The important thing to consider here is how publishers can utilize this data to continue generating revenue for their businesses/advertisers. I really like what LinkSmart is doing when it comes to helping publishers discover new ways to monetize content – this is the kind of advertising I could buy into if I were a publisher or advertiser who partnered with a publisher.

Here’s How to Pitch Content Marketing to your Management Team – I know a lot of marketers in smaller and more conservative organizations have trouble getting buy-in from management for an inbound content marketing strategy that may seem to the suits to be far too radical. I faced this very same issue when I pitched it to my employer, but I was prepared correctly and knew my stuff. Here are a few things I did that might help you get started if you’re in the same tough spot.

Content Marketing Best Practices: 3 Steps for Google+ Success – Here’s a detailed, intermediate-level piece on using Google+ to enhance your content marketing strategy. I’ve been exploring the value G+ can bring to my employers particular demographic and while it is close to zero, there’s substantial value in the relationship I would be building through G+ activity with Google’s SERPs.

(Infographic) Data Points: Two-Screen Viewing – I’ve caught a few great reads the past few weeks concentrated on multi-screen device use and this is no exception. It’s interesting to see that the large majority of people interact with multiple devices while watching TV – how can advertisers make use of this data? Does it mean advertising on mobile is far more profitable than advertising on TV? Good stuff.

Entrepreneurs: Learn Responsibility to Earn Your Right to Lead – This is something I’ve been wanting to write for quite a long time but could never really put the words together correctly – I hope it came out right. The short of it is an attempt to help entrepreneurs understanding that starting a business is about more than just getting funded or having a cool domain name – it’s about your responsibility to lead people.

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