Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 11/19/12 – 11/21/12

Turkey week!! Despite being distracted with thoughts of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and turkey with gravy, I managed to pull together a list of good reads this short week. Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy!

Entrepreneur’s Don’t Think Enough – This has by far been one of my favorite pieces to read these last few weeks. Mark Suster did an amazing job outlining the importance to entrepreneurs of taking some quiet time to think through things. He dives into several interesting topics within this including an excellent list of differences between key individuals founders should surround themselves with. I highly recommend you read this if you’re an entrepreneur.

Amazon Unveils Brand Pages – Way to go Amazon! If you missed the news this week, Amazon is rolling out several tools as part of their Amazon Marketing Services offering. Marketers can now create online storefronts (if you will) right on Amazon and directly integrate branding, messaging, and cross-promotion. The interesting thing here is that Facebook seems to be the desired hidden-partner in all of this (something to come?), but I’m particularly more interested in the boost in organic traffic it will bring marketers!

Black Thursday: Win/Loss for National Brands – Big Box stores like Walmart and Target are facing a tremendous backlash this Black Friday from both fronts – employees and customers. Though the impact of their profitability this weekend will not likely be affected, the lasting impact on their brand will. I wrote this piece to provide some perspective and bring light to what should always be at the forefront of your business model – customers.

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