Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 11/26/12 – 11/30/12

This week I’ve been sinking my teeth into product marketing with a high concentration on the balance of tactics, leveraging of details, and methods for execution. Here are a few good reads on entrepreneurship and effective, long-lasting product marketing. Enjoy!

What I Wish Entrepreneurs Talked About More Often – I saw this post pop up on my LinkedIn feed and boy did it hit home. After writing my somewhat gritty piece on startup failure it was refreshing to see a great example of an entrepreneur who looked the challenge in the eye and faced it with courage. We do doubt ourselves, far too often, and this read may just help you get that in check.

Craftsman’s Pre-Roll Ad on YouTube Steals the NBA’s Holiday Thunder – The article doesn’t way if Craftsman actually intended for this to happen or not but either way it was an interesting way of stirring up more buzz regarding the brand.

Product Marketing Done Right: AT&T Grabs An Extra $10/Month – This Thanksgiving Holiday I was suckered into an incredibly brilliant scheme devised by the brainchild of AT&T to garner a few extra bucks every month and I couldn’t have been more impressed. If you ever need a good example of smart product marketing, here it is.

When Co-Creation Becomes The Beating Heart Of Marketing, Companies Win – I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic lately and am story-boarding how to integrate into my employers website rebuild. It’s also interesting particularly because when I was making a recent purchase on Amazon, I was highly influenced by the response to negative reviews by the manufacturer of the product. Are you leveraging co-creation?

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