Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 11/26/12 – 11/30/12

This week I’ve been sinking my teeth into product marketing with a high concentration on the balance of tactics, leveraging of details, and methods for execution. Here are a few good reads on entrepreneurship and effective, long-lasting product marketing. Enjoy!

What I Wish Entrepreneurs Talked About More Often – I saw this post pop up on my LinkedIn feed and boy did it hit home. After writing my somewhat gritty piece on startup failure it was refreshing to see a great example of an entrepreneur who looked the challenge in the eye and faced it with courage. We do doubt ourselves, far too often, and this read may just help you get that in check. Continue reading


Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 11/19/12 – 11/21/12

Turkey week!! Despite being distracted with thoughts of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and turkey with gravy, I managed to pull together a list of good reads this short week. Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy!

Entrepreneur’s Don’t Think Enough – This has by far been one of my favorite pieces to read these last few weeks. Mark Suster did an amazing job outlining the importance to entrepreneurs of taking some quiet time to think through things. He dives into several interesting topics within this including an excellent list of differences between key individuals founders should surround themselves with. I highly recommend you read this if you’re an entrepreneur. Continue reading

Here’s How to Split Equity With Your Cofounders

Startup Founder Equity SplitA number of people have asked me to expand on a subject I wrote about in my piece “7 Things I Learned from Failing That You Can Avoid” regarding startup founder equity split. It’s important for me to address this correctly because it is such a sensitive issue depending on your role at a pre-money startup. For reference, here’s what I wrote:

When it does come time to put something down on paper for equity share (you had better at least have an MVP), split it even. It was my idea, it was my money being spent, it was my contacts, it was my experience, it was my design and marketing, and it was my team. Despite all of that, I couldn’t have built the product without my cofounders.

Unfortunately, I spent too much time justifying my contributions and not enough time considering how that affected my team. Assuming you’ve built your team right, you each share a significant amount of responsibility and complement one another’s skills. If you’re pre-money, look at the people around you and ask yourself if you can get to where you need to be without them. If you can’t, split the unicorns and rainbows evenly. Continue reading

Marketers: Man Up and Negotiate Already

I’m not entirely sure if I completely understand why, but I’ve observed a trend that to me is both surprising and frightening when it comes to skill sets found in today’s marketers. I will even go as far as to say that it’s not just limited to new marketers, but to seasoned professionals at director level as well. Maybe the recession damaged our courage, maybe we’ve grown too easily intimidated, whatever the case may be I know that it must be addressed immediately.

Continue reading

Make Friends With Your Vendors

Depending on the position you are in, you may receive ‘perks’ from your vendors due to your direct activity with them. As a Marketing Director, I design and implement the annual budget and can push dollars in almost any direction I feel will benefit our efforts. Vendors know this and will sometimes try to earn your continued business by offering things like cash and vacations. Why not take them? After all, you DESERVE them. Not true. You serve a company that trusts your decisions and depends on them not being swayed by outside bonuses. Let me tell you why I’ve refused cash and vacation bonuses and it benefited my relationships to hold my vendors hands. Continue reading