Product Marketing Done Right: AT&T Grabs An Extra $10/Month

Product Marketing Done Right

Having held marketing roles for the better part of my life, I can certainly appreciate a good campaign. I appreciate it even more when I buy into it knowing it’s a ploy for more of my business. This past weekend I discovered what may be one of the best product marketing tactics I’ve ever been sucked into and believe it or not, it was for AT&T. Continue reading


Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 10/8/12 – 10/12/12

I’ve compiled a list of content that I read this week you might also be interested in. If you haven’t seen some of this yet, I highly recommend diving into it this weekend. Enjoy!

Marketing to the Mindset: How to Match Social Content to User Intent – This helps put things into perspective for marketers who may not yet know which social platform is best for their campaigns. Continue reading

Marketers: Man Up and Negotiate Already

I’m not entirely sure if I completely understand why, but I’ve observed a trend that to me is both surprising and frightening when it comes to skill sets found in today’s marketers. I will even go as far as to say that it’s not just limited to new marketers, but to seasoned professionals at director level as well. Maybe the recession damaged our courage, maybe we’ve grown too easily intimidated, whatever the case may be I know that it must be addressed immediately.

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