Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 11/5/12 – 11/9/12

Who else is thankful to be free of political ads finally? Now that we can stop spending the majority of our time sifting through that crap it shouldn’t be hard to pick up on the best reads fast. Here are a few I dug up this week I thought you might also enjoy.

Do Native Ads Work? – This is an important piece for publishers and advertisers both. While I agree with some of the findings MediaBrix brought to light from the survey they commissioned, I believe it may partially be because people have yet to find something they enjoy engaging with when it comes to native ads. The important thing to consider here is how publishers can utilize this data to continue generating revenue for their businesses/advertisers. I really like what LinkSmart is doing when it comes to helping publishers discover new ways to monetize content – this is the kind of advertising I could buy into if I were a publisher or advertiser who partnered with a publisher. Continue reading


Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 10/29/12 – 11/2/12

This was a difficult week for so many people. I wish the friends and families of everyone suffering through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the best and sincerely hope that the recovery is swift.

I managed to find several great reads this week despite being away on business most of the time. I spent the week digesting content on startups, content marketing, PPC, and technology. Here are some pieces I thought especially stood out you may also enjoy.

  • Why Incentives Are A Necessary Marketing Evil – I’ve always been a fan of incentive-based advertising in marketing and new data is showing that it’s proving to be more and more effective as consumers get access to new ways to tune-out advertising. I’m especially interested in how brands are incorporating it into video advertising; I seem to only actually engage with video ad pre-rolls when there is something especially compelling – and that in itself is rare. While this piece is light on data to support its claims, there are some interesting theories presented.

Continue reading

Personal Branding Has Never Been More Important – Part 3

Here we are, we finally made it – Part 3! For those who may have just stumbled upon this, please be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2. We’ve discussed the importance of creating and maintaining your personal brand as well as several tips that can help you get started if you haven’t already. Now I would like to present some ideas to the slightly more advanced users to help enhance their brand in a number of different ways. Let’s get started…

You Don’t Need A Logo
This is often difficult for someone like myself to comprehend. The key to most major brands is their logo, think Nike and Starbucks. So, why would I say that you don’t need a logo? Because it’s distracting to the real value you can contribute to your brand. I started my life as a designer, so I know what it’s like to want a logo for your personal brand, but let me explain why it isn’t completely necessary and some other things you can do that take half as much time and are equally valuable. Continue reading

Budget-less Marketing

It seems as if for now, the dust is settling from the recent economic turmoil. Though the outlook is somewhat positive, it may be months before businesses get back on track. This means that marketing dollars are still tight and in some cases, nonexistent.

The past few months have been very difficult for the company I work for. We serve the automotive industry and have been faced with situations that have almost forced our marketing and advertising budgets to zero. This isn’t because we are cutting back, but because there just wasn’t the available capital to move forward. This put me in an interesting position and I believe it has been one of my greatest challenges to date – how  to successfully market a companies products and services with just a few penny’s in the bank. Continue reading

Good Times with VSEO

VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is a  new term that has recently gain ground in the marketing community. Marketers are struggling now more than ever to get their piece of the search engine pie. With the search competition growing, and more advertising dollars being directed towards it, marketers will have to pull out all the stops to boost their site traffic via search engines. I’ve always tried to have fun with anything that I do, including the efforts I put into marketing both for myself and the company I work for. So when VSEO came about – I jumped right on it! Sites like YouTube have made VSEO efforts easier than ever; just put together the content, upload it, add a detailed description, related tags and you’re done. Continue reading