What’s Keeping Mark Zuckerberg Up At Night?

It’s obvious that Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, has been having trouble sleeping… particularly as of late. So much so that in one swoop he has taken the worlds most well known and easy-to-use social network and turned it into a complicated, convoluted mess. Now, before you jump at me for just joining in with the crowd of angry mom’s and confused teenagers, let me explain.

Facebook has seen success from two key factors in their business model. The first and most well known is that they launched only to a powerful niche: college students. This exclusivity is exactly what college kids ate up and what proceeded was a large influx of eager sorority guys and gals. Continue reading


Businesses and Social Networking

As a marketer disguised as a consumer, I enjoy being actively solicited. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of friend requests I’ve received over the years via MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. What I can tell you is how many I’ve accepted – 3. Most of these were businesses reaching out in an attempt to introduce me to their products and yes, this does include bands. I consider musicians to be business owners with a product that needs to be sold just like anything else. I accepted those 3 solicitations from a local cake decorator, a band from California and a fellow marketer. Maybe I am someone who critiques more difficultly then others because of my career but I would like to share with you the reasons I choose to accept these solicitations because I think it may help businesses sway their pathetic attempts at social networking in a more profitable direction. Continue reading