Employers: Stop Asking For A Degree, Now.

I can’t tell you how many job descriptions I’ve helped employers and friends write over the years but I can tell you that every single one of them had to include a “designated level of education required”. For some, this is typical. For others, like myself, it leaves a foul taste in my mouth. Let me go ahead and start this post off by adding before I say anything else that some professions obviously require college experience i.e. Doctors, Lawyers, etc. However, one could argue that almost every other profession can be learned at home just as well if not better. I am not saying getting a college diploma isn’t valuable, especially since it’s something no one can ever take away from you. I am simply saying that it shouldn’t be listed as an absolute requirement… here’s why.

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Personal Branding Has Never Been More Important – Part 2

In my last post, Personal Branding Has Never Been More Important – Part 1, I discussed the importance of maintaining your personal brand. In this post I’ll be helping beginners with the steps they need to take in securing their personal brand. My hope is to help you take only the necessary steps to get started with your brand and follow it up with Part 3 in which I will provide some hints and tips to advanced readers on the things they can do to enhance their newly established personal brand. So, let’s get started!

Step 1 – Determine what your personal brand actually is. How do you want to be portrayed? The best way to come up with this answer is to write several one and two key words down that best describe you and your area of expertise. Continue reading

Personal Branding Has Never Been More Important – Part 1

You could say that I am as much to blame as the next guy for not living up to the title of this post. I haven’t written in this blog in over a year, for any number of convoluted excuses I can come up with… primarily because I’ve been “too busy”. However, after a year of completely neglecting my personal brand, I’ve realized what a horrible position I’ve put myself in, and the damage I’ve done. You see, I spent years building my personal brand identity and working through every channel to enhance my presence on the major search engines. Continue reading