Entrepreneurs: Learn Responsibility to Earn Your Right to Lead

Below is a picture of me late Tuesday evening. I’m elbow-deep in grease replacing the alternator in my Mustang. I’ll spare you and just go ahead and skip over all the crap and get right to the meat and potatoes – the reason why I’ve been itching to write this piece for some time.

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Here’s How to Pitch Content Marketing to your Management Team

Like most marketers faced with a sometimes overly conservative management, I too had to find a way to pull out every stop to sell the value of content marketing and prove my case for implementing it. This meant I had to get my hands dirty with our website’s analytics and show them why we weren’t doing a good enough job getting visitors to our website and keeping them there; that lack of regular content and a fluid way of delivering it were contributing to the problem. So, if you know you need to get your management team on board but you haven’t yet figured out how, here’s what I did and 5 selling points I used to win over the “suits”. Before we begin, remember to keep it simple and have real data to support your recommendations, keep marketing lingo off to the side.

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Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 10/29/12 – 11/2/12

This was a difficult week for so many people. I wish the friends and families of everyone suffering through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the best and sincerely hope that the recovery is swift.

I managed to find several great reads this week despite being away on business most of the time. I spent the week digesting content on startups, content marketing, PPC, and technology. Here are some pieces I thought especially stood out you may also enjoy.

  • Why Incentives Are A Necessary Marketing Evil – I’ve always been a fan of incentive-based advertising in marketing and new data is showing that it’s proving to be more and more effective as consumers get access to new ways to tune-out advertising. I’m especially interested in how brands are incorporating it into video advertising; I seem to only actually engage with video ad pre-rolls when there is something especially compelling – and that in itself is rare. While this piece is light on data to support its claims, there are some interesting theories presented.

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3 Things Technology Startup Marketers Can Learn From Las Vegas

I traveled to Las Vegas recently for business and observed a few things fledgling startups can learn from sin city I want to share. If you’re working on a startup it’s no doubt you’ve been faced with tremendous obstacles that at first seem nearly impossible to overcome; and if you haven’t yet you’re in for a wild ride. More often than not it’s the marketing aspect of launching an online business that most entrepreneurs can never effectively execute; here are three things you or the dude who does marketing on your team can do to bring a killer product to market.

3 Things Startup Marketers Can Learn From Las Vegas - Joshua Hays

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Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 10/22/12 – 10/26/12

It appears that weeks when Apple announces something the publishing world shuts down in anticipation; I found it surprisingly difficult to find good reading this week. Of course, I didn’t write much either. If you had the same problem, try reading a few of the pieces I did find below. Enjoy!

(Infographic) The Fundamentals Of Online B2B Lead Generation – SocialMouths.com published a fantastic infographic provided by Unbounce this week with a strong focus on B2B lead generation. I don’t typically like infographics but this one caught my attention. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs & Startups: 7 Things I Learned From Failure That You Can Avoid

This week I finally wrote a piece I’ve been struggling with for some time. I intended to post it to this blog but felt the message would be more valuable to a broader audience. On Monday I submitted it to The Next Web and they posted it to their Entrepreneur topic board. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance.

7 Things I Learned From Failure That You Can Avoid

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Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 10/15/12 – 10/19/12

Here are quite a few goodies I read this week I think you may also enjoy. The list looks long but most are very brief and compelling articles. Take a minute this weekend and indulge yourself, you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!

Fake It Until You Make It – Just the title of this one got me excited. This is a great story from one of Skype’s first team members and how overwhelming the experience was from day one, how she thought “I’m not good enough” and ended up working harder and smarter than she would have if she worked in a more comfortable position. Great story! Continue reading