Product Marketing Done Right: AT&T Grabs An Extra $10/Month

Product Marketing Done Right

Having held marketing roles for the better part of my life, I can certainly appreciate a good campaign. I appreciate it even more when I buy into it knowing it’s a ploy for more of my business. This past weekend I discovered what may be one of the best product marketing tactics I’ve ever been sucked into and believe it or not, it was for AT&T. Continue reading


Black Thursday: Win/Loss for National Brands

Black Thursday 2012

For the past five years I’ve participated in Black Friday in one form or another. Typically I don’t spend money on the doorbusters like TV’s or computers but I usually go with friends who do. We go to have a great time staying out all night, meeting new people in line, and talking about last year’s antics. We’ll set up chairs, bring blankets (It’s usually cold that night despite being in Florida), stream Netflix from an iPad, and discuss our strategy (if that’s what you can call it) extensively. The point is, we have a good time together and we’re usually not in a rush for anything particular. Unfortunately, this year the big box stores have pushed store openings back so far into Thursday that an enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner with family has been replaced with a mad dash to the store for most American’s – the buyers and the employees who work for the sellers. Walmart opens at 8pm, Target at 9pm, and Best Buy at midnight. Continue reading

Recommended Reading for Marketers – Week of 11/5/12 – 11/9/12

Who else is thankful to be free of political ads finally? Now that we can stop spending the majority of our time sifting through that crap it shouldn’t be hard to pick up on the best reads fast. Here are a few I dug up this week I thought you might also enjoy.

Do Native Ads Work? – This is an important piece for publishers and advertisers both. While I agree with some of the findings MediaBrix brought to light from the survey they commissioned, I believe it may partially be because people have yet to find something they enjoy engaging with when it comes to native ads. The important thing to consider here is how publishers can utilize this data to continue generating revenue for their businesses/advertisers. I really like what LinkSmart is doing when it comes to helping publishers discover new ways to monetize content – this is the kind of advertising I could buy into if I were a publisher or advertiser who partnered with a publisher. Continue reading

3 Things Technology Startup Marketers Can Learn From Las Vegas

I traveled to Las Vegas recently for business and observed a few things fledgling startups can learn from sin city I want to share. If you’re working on a startup it’s no doubt you’ve been faced with tremendous obstacles that at first seem nearly impossible to overcome; and if you haven’t yet you’re in for a wild ride. More often than not it’s the marketing aspect of launching an online business that most entrepreneurs can never effectively execute; here are three things you or the dude who does marketing on your team can do to bring a killer product to market.

3 Things Startup Marketers Can Learn From Las Vegas - Joshua Hays

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Marketers: Man Up and Negotiate Already

I’m not entirely sure if I completely understand why, but I’ve observed a trend that to me is both surprising and frightening when it comes to skill sets found in today’s marketers. I will even go as far as to say that it’s not just limited to new marketers, but to seasoned professionals at director level as well. Maybe the recession damaged our courage, maybe we’ve grown too easily intimidated, whatever the case may be I know that it must be addressed immediately.

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Inbound Marketing, Connect the Dots

It’s no secret that today your marketing department needs to be more than capable in handling multiple initiatives, one of the many being lead generation. With the latest trend in inbound marketing, it’s difficult not to get lost in all the hype.

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Giving Back – How Can I Help?

The past few years the tech startup community has given me so much, and I’ve gratefully taken from it. It’s difficult to fathom a way to put back in what it has given but I feel a burning desire to try. While on my quest to find where I’ll plug in next as head marketing dude, I’ve met a lot of super interesting startups and founders, all with their individual challenges. As a startup founder myself I’ve experienced the overwhelming obstacles that I needed help to overcome and for things I couldn’t at all begin to understand. It’s tough to ask people to lend their time, I know that. Continue reading