5 Easy SEO Tactics Every Online Marketer Should Know

I’ve been making it a point to brush up on my SEO knowledge lately partially inspired by Google’s recent algorithm update. As much as optimization should be near the top of my to-do list on a daily basis, I openly admit it sometimes gets left on the back burner. As I work through aging content and landing pages in the name of optimization, I’d like to share a few easy SEO tactics that will help you get started, or restarted, optimizing your content.

5 Easy Optimization Tactics You Should Know

  1. Write page titles like a boss. Your page titles are an extension of your page content and brand. There are a thousand ways to write them, but unless you’re a billion-dollar brand I recommend keeping it simple and effective. Start by reviewing the content on the page and determine what was, or is, your keyword strategy. After that, compose your page title in under 80 characters to include several of the most important keywords (no keyword stuffing!), be sure to leave room for your company name at the end. So for example, for this post if I were to add a proper page title I would write it as so: “5 Easy SEO Tactics Every Online Marker Should Know – Joshua Hays”. Continue reading