Product Marketing Done Right: AT&T Grabs An Extra $10/Month

Product Marketing Done Right

Having held marketing roles for the better part of my life, I can certainly appreciate a good campaign. I appreciate it even more when I buy into it knowing it’s a ploy for more of my business. This past weekend I discovered what may be one of the best product marketing tactics I’ve ever been sucked into and believe it or not, it was for AT&T. Continue reading


Here’s How to Split Equity With Your Cofounders

Startup Founder Equity SplitA number of people have asked me to expand on a subject I wrote about in my piece “7 Things I Learned from Failing That You Can Avoid” regarding startup founder equity split. It’s important for me to address this correctly because it is such a sensitive issue depending on your role at a pre-money startup. For reference, here’s what I wrote:

When it does come time to put something down on paper for equity share (you had better at least have an MVP), split it even. It was my idea, it was my money being spent, it was my contacts, it was my experience, it was my design and marketing, and it was my team. Despite all of that, I couldn’t have built the product without my cofounders.

Unfortunately, I spent too much time justifying my contributions and not enough time considering how that affected my team. Assuming you’ve built your team right, you each share a significant amount of responsibility and complement one another’s skills. If you’re pre-money, look at the people around you and ask yourself if you can get to where you need to be without them. If you can’t, split the unicorns and rainbows evenly. Continue reading

Here’s How to Pitch Content Marketing to your Management Team

Like most marketers faced with a sometimes overly conservative management, I too had to find a way to pull out every stop to sell the value of content marketing and prove my case for implementing it. This meant I had to get my hands dirty with our website’s analytics and show them why we weren’t doing a good enough job getting visitors to our website and keeping them there; that lack of regular content and a fluid way of delivering it were contributing to the problem. So, if you know you need to get your management team on board but you haven’t yet figured out how, here’s what I did and 5 selling points I used to win over the “suits”. Before we begin, remember to keep it simple and have real data to support your recommendations, keep marketing lingo off to the side.

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3 Things Technology Startup Marketers Can Learn From Las Vegas

I traveled to Las Vegas recently for business and observed a few things fledgling startups can learn from sin city I want to share. If you’re working on a startup it’s no doubt you’ve been faced with tremendous obstacles that at first seem nearly impossible to overcome; and if you haven’t yet you’re in for a wild ride. More often than not it’s the marketing aspect of launching an online business that most entrepreneurs can never effectively execute; here are three things you or the dude who does marketing on your team can do to bring a killer product to market.

3 Things Startup Marketers Can Learn From Las Vegas - Joshua Hays

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Entrepreneurs & Startups: 7 Things I Learned From Failure That You Can Avoid

This week I finally wrote a piece I’ve been struggling with for some time. I intended to post it to this blog but felt the message would be more valuable to a broader audience. On Monday I submitted it to The Next Web and they posted it to their Entrepreneur topic board. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance.

7 Things I Learned From Failure That You Can Avoid

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5 Easy SEO Tactics Every Online Marketer Should Know

I’ve been making it a point to brush up on my SEO knowledge lately partially inspired by Google’s recent algorithm update. As much as optimization should be near the top of my to-do list on a daily basis, I openly admit it sometimes gets left on the back burner. As I work through aging content and landing pages in the name of optimization, I’d like to share a few easy SEO tactics that will help you get started, or restarted, optimizing your content.

5 Easy Optimization Tactics You Should Know

  1. Write page titles like a boss. Your page titles are an extension of your page content and brand. There are a thousand ways to write them, but unless you’re a billion-dollar brand I recommend keeping it simple and effective. Start by reviewing the content on the page and determine what was, or is, your keyword strategy. After that, compose your page title in under 80 characters to include several of the most important keywords (no keyword stuffing!), be sure to leave room for your company name at the end. So for example, for this post if I were to add a proper page title I would write it as so: “5 Easy SEO Tactics Every Online Marker Should Know – Joshua Hays”. Continue reading

10 Lessons I Learned While Visiting NYC

While visiting NYC a few weeks ago I discovered a new found respect for properly geared tourists. You know, the ones that look funny and stand out from the rest with their brightly colored shoes, water bottles, and big back packs? Yea, I decided to play it cool while visiting and try not to stand out and in doing so, learned quite a few new things – enjoy!

  1. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Continue reading